How To Engage People Working From Home ?
Last Update: Jul 30, 2020

This was the critical question of a two-day conference hosted by the Human Capital Insitute this week. HR and management experts from various companies like Salesforce and Southwest Air shared their approaches to adapting to the new challenges from an employee experience point of view.

Among all the many concepts I got to know, there was a single idea that struck and resonated with me. It is the realization that organizations need to move from an annual employee satisfaction survey to a continuous listening process. Only an always-online communication path assures that companies understand peoples’ exact needs at any time.

To me, it’s the team leader who plays the most critical role in listening to, understanding, and satisfying peoples’ needs. Accurate listening is a skill many of us take for granted, but only a few handle proficiently. Our D.R.I.V.E program pays particular attention to the art of empathic listening as a basic skill of employee motivation.

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