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We help front line managers create a team culture of engagement

01. Understanding the IT business

We bring a wealth of expertise in IT and IT organizations across development, operations, and service management domains.

02. Understanding the leader’s challenges

Having been on various leadership positions in global corporations and running our own business in cross-cultural environments has helped us to develop a unique insight into leadership.

03. Understanding employees’ needs

Our vast hands-on leadership experiences, extensive knowledge in emotional intelligence and motivational science, and natural care for other people have made us acutely aware of what people truly need to engage.

Driven By Curiosity And Kindness

A Team Of Professionals

Rainer Bach


Rainer is a certified coach and mentor, with a long career in global IT management and consulting.

Alena Bachová


Alena is a business interpreter and translator, focusing on leadership, with a long career in global IT and management.

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