Motivation Has Two Dimensions, Intensity And Quality

Why High Quality Motivation Matters More



why you don’t always get what you pay for

The Engagement Trap

Meanwhile, a majority of CEOs lend more importance to soft skills than to hard skills. They take into account that the days in which employees execute pre-defined instructions out of play-books are over. The complexity and competitiveness of today’s business always call for creative problem solving and inventing new ways of doing things. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn, with its more than 20 million job postings, has identified creativity as the most sought-after soft skill for two years in a row.

The Difference Between Wanting And Getting

As a result, companies make costly efforts for sesarching and hiring people with the perfect mix of hard and soft skills. Even if they find their ideal employee, there is only a 33 % chance that all those skills invested in will ever be fully utilized. Because only 1/3 of employees, globally speaking, operate at an engagement level that brings about high performace and behaviors like creativity. In the vast majority of all cases (!), the expensive investment in expertise looks more like an in-app purchase of software with the most exciting features still locked.

Money Can’t Bridge The Gap

So far, companies have spent billions of dollard in reward programs in an attempt to unlock and unleash those skills. But as the stats of recent years show, unfortunately without success. Money can’t buy creativity. Companies need to provide a breeding ground for all the desired behaviors to grow and unfold themselves. It’s the team leader who has to facilitate the fertilization process by satisfying people’s basic needs.

Creativity locked

Altruism Locked

Adaptation Locked

Persistence Locked

Proactivity Locked

The Way Forward

Take People’s Motivation To New Qualities


Disengaged employees are either not motivated at all or driven by intense feelings of obligation or economic pressure. However, for people to fully function and apply all their physical, emotional, and cognitive capacities, they need to identify with and stand behind their job entirely.


Engaged employees get motivated through their work. They pursue team goals and tasks willingly because they are in line with their aspirations, interests, and values. They have a meaningful job which they feel in charge of, which gives them a sense of growth and for which they get respected and appreciated. In summary, their team leader has created a micro climate that meets employee’s basic psychological needs.

Actively Disengaged

15 %


52 %


33 %

A Word From The Wise

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in life.”

Mark Twain

A Word From Us

“Find a way to create a job your people enjoy doing, and you will never have to worry a day in worklife.”


What High Quality Motivation Looks Like

Oh my god! How could you survive it?

This question is the typical reaction of those with whom I talk about my commuting habits of the past. The thing is, for more than 20 years, I daily spent more than 3 hours on trains back and forth to work. People commonly refer to this as waste of time. But to me, it wasn’t.

Creativity Gets Its Space And Time

The time on the train was often the best time I had during the day. Not because I was off work, but because I was at work. I deemed my job a calling and acting in it as fulfilling. So, in the train compartment, I turned to the exciting things my career as a leader of global IT teams had to offer. I indulged in creative activities that the busy office didn’t allow.

While the train was dashing through the countryside, my fingers flew across the keyboard of my laptop, creating winning team events, designing engaging customer presentations, and sketching new ways of doing things.

Work Itself Becomes Rewarding

I did all this out of pure enjoyment and not for any compensatory reward. My bosses didn’t even have a clue about my extra efforts. Engaging in these activities was rewarding enough. It gave me a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Both put me in an upbeat mood that I carried into the teams, and that often helped me cope with the challenges and setbacks the regular workday holds in store for us.

Productivity And Sense Of Well-Being Are High

What I experienced were the virtues of intrinsic motivation. It makes us release our fullest physical, emotional and cognitive capacities while it generates a great sense of well-being at the same time. The ability to tap into this incredible human resource with their team members is what differentiates the effective from the less effective front line manager.

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