Last Update: Jun 25, 2020


With the launch of our website, another blog enters a densely crowded space, given the web offers a mind-blowing body of knowledge and expertise from a leadership perspective.

The myriads of what-good-leadership-looks-likehow-to-lead-your-team, and x-most-important-leadership-skills posts have made us think twice about coming forward with our own blog.

But in the end, we have realized that we can add value anyway. Instead of focusing on leadership skills per se, we look at the relationship between the leader and the direct report through the lenses of people’s needs and the science behind them. 

We ask what employees require to get engaged: to apply all their skills, get pro-actively involved, become creative, and get a sense of well-being at the same time. Understanding and catering to those needs will give leaders a systematic pathway towards higher team motivation, engagement, and, ultimately, team success. 

Science from a social, motivational, and positive psychology perspective offers a wealth of evidence-based answers to employees’ basic needs. But, there is a considerable gap between what science has found and what trickles all the way down from research centers to M.B.A. schools to companies and finally to team leaders, who make up the frontline of organizational leadership. 

That’s where our mentoring program comes into place. We want to help close this gap, and our blog becomes an extension of this effort. Every month, we will share motivational science findings and make them accessible to team leaders in the first place. We hope that the articles will speak to their hearts and minds, have practical value, and improve the work-life for all people involved.

Hope to see you next month!


Consultant and mento