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Rainer B.

Rainer B.

Founder & Mentor

Despite all the twists and turns our career path takes, there is a default scheme that colorizes our attitudes and behaviors. The single most important theme to me has been to help make the environment in which I worked a more meaningful place. It influenced my actions as an engineer, leader, consultant, and coach.

Today, I am in the lucky position to devote all my resources to what has mattered most to me. I help team leaders to instill more meaning into their teamwork by creating an environment that makes their people feel more energized, apply their full capacities, and get a deep sense of well-being at the same time.

Image demonstrates what disillusion and disengagement with experts look like


Your Challenges

The competitiveness of the market makes you invest a great deal in hiring and contracting best-qualified experts. But people show a have-to rather than a want-to attitude, with no signs of enthusiasm and commitment. Team results lag far behind your targets, employee satisfaction is low, and the turnover rate is growing.

don’t settle for less

Your Expectations

You expect your people to engage their competencies fully. They turn into pro-active problem solvers and contribute creatively to your innovation and success. They practice collegiality and organizational citizenship from the heart. Their emotional commitment to both – your organization and its purpose -makes them loyal associates of your company.

Image shows pro-active behavior of engaged employees
All too ofte team leaders are engaged in technical tasks rather than in relational ones.

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Why Your Expectations Are Not Met

  • Your team leaders find themselves in the role of the first subject matter expert. In the face of having to deliver immediate results, they prioritize tasks over relational activities.
  • In unawareness of what truly makes people go above and beyond, they try motivational approaches in a costly, hit-or-miss way.
  • Contrary to the findings of corporate research, they believe that factors beyond their responsibility affect employee engagement in the first place.

As a result, people’s needs remain unheard, unrespected and unsatisfied.

My manager micro-managed me

My manager didn't appreciate my work

My manager didn't give me useful feedback

My manager didn't set me meaningful goals

My manager didn't support me

My manager ignored my true skills

My manager didn't challenge me

My manager didn't support my personal growth

My manager ignored all my ideas for change

My manager never truly listened to me

charge forward

Make Change Happen

  • make front line managers recognise the tremendous impact their interactions have on employee engagement


  • help front line managers understand what people truly need to get energized and to unleash their fullest potential


  • support front line managers in acquiring the skills of a systematic and evidence-based approach to engagement
People in an autonomy supportive environment highly engaged
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Mentor Needed?

We Are Here To Help

We offer a unique mentoring program that is

  • precisely adapted to the daily challenges of team leaders, that provides a wealth of actionable motivational tools and techniques
  • rooted in the extensive experiences of leading, consulting and coaching team leaders and experts alike for 25 years,
  • enriched by the latest research results in social psychology and motivational science

Our Mission

We help make your frontline managers true champions of team engagement

Our objectives

What We Can Do For You

We focus and act on four domains. We help your team leaders to understand and optimize their own motivation. They will recognize the basic psychological needs their people have and how to satisfy them. They know what it takes to engage their experts fully and to maintain a high quality of motivation even in the face of daily challenges.

Team Leader

The optimization of the team leaders’s motivation


The satisfaction of employees’ basic needs


The utilization of experts’ fullest capacities in hard and soft skills

Day-to-day operations

How to stay motivated in the face of day-to-day challenges